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What We Are About...
KoolTek Coolers are the latest in the water cooler industry! Our high standard for quality is just one of reasons for choosing KoolTek. Countless efforts have been made to ensure the efficiency of all our products. We test the productivity of our products by placing them in environments similar to ones which customers will have. This helps us visualize how a product will function before it’s ever released for sale.

KoolTek offers a selection of POU water coolers, water filter systems, and so much more. The Point-of-Use coolers are available in hot/cold models and are ready to be ordered. We also stock water filtration systems including a reverse osmosis system and an ozone sanitization system and an In-Tank UV system. All of our filter systems can be used on water coolers and/or coffee brewers. They are shipped assembled and are simple to use and replace.

Our product line is constantly expanding. The penguin may like it cold for his coolers but when he gets hungry he could use our microwave. Keep your eye on KoolTek and see what the future holds!